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Compression Socks Jacksonville Mall Premium Grade Performance - supreme and Day for Every

Compression Socks Premium Grade Performance - for Every Day and


Compression Socks Premium Grade Performance - for Every Day and


Product description

Colour Name:Black  |  Size Name:L-XL

Put that energetic spring back in your step with BOSTON ENTERPISES Socks Comfortable Top Cuff adapts to fit your leg without slipping or constraint. Thicker than most compression socks with additional foot padding along with an integrated arch support! Helps support good blood circulation and reduce fatigue, aching and swelling. Correct fit is about your calf and ankle size, not just shoe size. See Size Chart at top. Measure around the smallest part of the ankle just above the ankle bone and around the widest part of the calf. (See our photo size chart on the top left) Anyone's legs can feel better while wearing gradient compresion stockings, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting or standing. Designed to help prevent the occurrence of blood clots, and guard against further progression of venous disorders such as edema, phlebitis and thrombosis. Many 'compression' socks just offer elastic and a tight feeling instead of correct gradent compression. Some have tight elastics straps which leave deep welts when worn and may hinder blood flow. Gradeant Compression is crucial, ankles should have the most conpression and gradually become less towards the heart. This increases arterial pressure which helps the blood fight gravity and return to the heart and less blood to pool in the lower legs. Boston socks are extensively tested on sophisticated machines to ensure they fulfill our exacting standards. - Perfect for Pregnancy, Travel, Long Periods of Sitting or Standing and Varicose Veins. - Great for Athletes and numerous Sporting Activities by helping to increase Blood Flow and Shortening the Recovery Period. Providing the best quality and proper graduated compression socks to our customers is very important to us at BOSTON ENTERPRISES.

Compression Socks Premium Grade Performance - for Every Day and

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Vescom customize: tailor-made material solutions, just for you!  

Sometimes a standard, pre-existing product just won’t suffice in an interior design. That’s why we offer architects and designers bespoke material solutions for contract interiors, including digital printing for wallcovering, curtains and sheers, as well as customized colours for vinyl wallcovering.

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15 reasons to use Vescom's vinyl wallcovering in contract interiors 

At Vescom, we’re in a constant state of development and improvement. This evolution is reflected in our vinyl wallcovering, showcasing a material that’s come a long way since its beginnings. Nowadays it’s a solid option for those who wish to capitalize on its functional benefits while also considering their impact on the environment.

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Shannon and Sila: contrasting yet compatible 

Vescom’s diverse vinyl wallcovering collection is now even richer with the introduction of Sila and recolour of Shannon – two structured surfaces that contrast yet complement each other.

linen wallcovering 

Vescom’s linen wallcovering collection is crafted by humans, for humans – all while utilizing the best techniques available today.

materials for an all-natural interior 

Vescom’s linen wallcovering is part of a larger range of Vescom products that allow people to live in harmony with nature, all over.

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vinyl upholstery 

Vescom’s vinyl upholstery collection has the look and feel of textile or leather and the superior functionality and resilience of an impervious material.

Vescom Protect 

Wallcovering that can withstand intense cleaning and disinfecting without losing its beauty.

we are Vescom 

Quality in function and design; that’s what it’s all about at Vescom. We develop, produce and distribute YANRR Women's Short Jeans Jacket with Frayed Ripped Denim Coats, YRHH High-end Nordic Mantle Clock, Mute Table Clock Retro Nordic and curtain fabrics. Our products are used on the international contract market, primarily in the hospitality, healthcare, retail, office and education sectors.

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No compromise on design, no compromise on function: Vescom’s vinyl and textile wallcovering collections bring you the best of both worlds. Featuring over 150 designs and more than 2,000 colours – as well digitally printed customized options for tailor-made solutions – Vescom’s range of premium wallcovering has every interior covered. Protect susceptible spaces with vinyl, add depth and luxury with tactile textiles or transform walls into canvases for collaboration.


Function meets beauty in Vescom’s unique upholstery collection. The diverse range comprises 30 patterns in more than 700 colourways. Users are invited to create playful combinations of tone and structure – both within the upholstery collection itself and in conjunction with our of wallcovering and curtain fabrics, thanks to visible connections between our entire portfolio.

curtain fabrics 

Soak interiors in comfort and quietness, connect or divide a room, block or dim natural light: it’s all possible with Vescom’s adaptable range of curtain fabrics. Whether you’re searching for something pure, patterned or translucent, we have the ideal option for every space.